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All-in-one hospitality solution

Connecting your hospitality product to the world traveler.


Property Management Solution

OTA Channel Management

Point-of-Sale Solution 

Social Media & Marketing Solution

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What We Do

Our aim is to connect the world traveller to the magic of Africa. Connecting them to your hospitality product. With our complete hospitality management solution your establishment have an all-in-one partner. From revenue optimisation to rates & availability distribution on all major online channels. 

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What makes our Q2B solution unique

Connected to all Major OTAs

Comprehensive Management Reports

Compatible on any device

Our PMS Solution

Why Hodari Africa

Hodari Africa is the in-market representative of Q2B & Ideal POS. And this is where our journey will start. This fine crafted, easy to use property management software connects everything happening at your establishment to the major Online booking channels such as Expedia Group,,, Airbnb etc. Thereafter Hodari Africa continues to support you with channel management and revenue optimising support as we analyse in-market data and general traveling trends into your area. 

Samuel Wangugi

Managing Partner 

Trusted Connected Partners & Clients

We also offer

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  • What is a PMS & how does it benefit my property?
    PMS: Property Management System It is a crucial piece of software to manage your rates & availability, check in and check out functionality, function sheets, housekeeping reports, credit records etc. The benefits Accurate rate & availability distribution across the hundreds of channels (like Expedia, booking .com, etc.) A modern way of welcoming your guests. Today's traveler expects this Saves your operations time. With a real-time calendar & reporting, no longer require different tools
  • Can we cancel our contract at any time?
    Firstly, we know you wouldn't want to 😀 but if our paths part, our agreements are on a month- to - month subscription basis, therefore no long-term contracts.
  • Do I pay extra for a 'book now' button for our website / social media sites?
    This is one of our proud unique features, and your property will benefit from it free of charge. All our subscription options include this feature.
  • Would our team get the required training and support?
    Yes. All new clients' teams are being trained, either in person or virtually once signed up. All subscription packages include training manual downloads to help post training for any new hires. We also have a dedicated support team that can be reached at
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