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Who We Are

At Hodari Africa our aim is to connect the world traveller to the magic of Africa. 

Using our software to tell the story of your offering. Strategising and supporting your narrative and converting that in materialised revenue. 

So how do we do it? Hodari Africa is the in-market representative of Q2B. And this is where our journey will start. This fine crafted, easy to use property management software connects everything happening at your establishment to the major Online booking channels such as Expedia Group,,, Airbnb etc. Thereafter Hodari Africa continues to support you with channel management and revenue optimising support as we analyse in-market data and general traveling trends into your area. 


Our Mission

To ensure all seeking travellers find the most suitable hospitality product through innovative software and local knowledge. Driving direct & incremental revenue for hospitality providers in Africa. 

Work with us to modernise your hospitality offering. Travellers no longer see it as a nice-to-have but expected. So be ready, be visible, be bookable today...the Hodari Africa way! 

Core Values


Cutting edge Technology

Develop on Demand 

User Friendly

Locally Developed


Subscription Fee Only 

No Licence Fees

No User Fees


24 Hour Support

Unlimited Users 

Unlimited Resources

Secure Web Servers

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